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Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Interdisciplinary Concentration in Medieval and Renaissance Studies for English Majors

This concentration was created for English majors interested in deepening their knowledge of the cultures of the Middle Ages and Renaissance through interdisciplinary study. It thus requires that in addition to taking upper-level courses in Medieval and Renaissance English literature, majors also explore these periods from the perspective of other academic disciplines including, but not limited to, the history of art and architecture, literatures, philosophy, religious studies, and history. It is hoped that the breadth of knowledge and intellectual flexibility that interdisciplinary study fosters will enable students in this concentration to undertake more complex kinds of research projects and achieve more sophisticated levels of critical thinking and writing than might otherwise have been possible.

7 units, including

ENGL 308 / IDST 390 Interdisciplinary Studies in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

One 300- or 400-level course in Medieval literature and one 300- or 400-level course in Renaissance literature, chosen from:

ENGL 301 Literature of the Middle Ages
ENGL 302 Literature of the English Renaissance
ENGL 304 Shakespeare
ENGL 309 Desire and Identity in the Renaissance: The Lyric Tradition
ENGL 330 Selected Topics in Literature Before the Early to Mid-19th Century
ENGL 400 Junior/Senior Seminar (depending on topic)

Three units from at least two different departments outside of English, chosen from below. Special topics courses in medieval and renaissance may be substituted with prior approval from the departmental coordinator.

ARTH 211 Medieval Byzantine Art 600-1453
ARTH 309 Image and Icon in Medieval Art
ARTH 310 Late Antinque and Early Christian Art
ARTH 312 Medieval Art in Western Europe 8th-15th Centuries
ARTH 314 Northern Renaissance Art
ARTH 315 Art of the Italian Renaissance
ARTH 316 Art in the Age of Reform
CLSC 306 The Classical Tradition
FREN 325 Medieval and Early Modern Society
FREN 411 The French Middle Ages
FREN 421 Renaissance
HIST 225 Medieval Italy
HIST 226 The Early Middle Ages
HIST 227 High Middle Ages
HIST 230 The Renaissance
HIST 233 Reformation Europe
ITAL 423 Le Tre Corone: Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio
LAIS 421 Christians, Jews and Muslims from Frontier to Empire:  Medieval Spain
LAIS 431 Imperial Spain: The Age of Conflict
LAIS 432 True Lies: Fiction and Truth in Don Quijote
LLC 357 The Idea of the Renaissance: Self, History and Knowledge
LLC 358 Desire and Identity in the Renaissance: Self, History and Knowledge
PLSC 311 Classical Political Thought
RELG 258 Religion & the Medieval Imagination
RELG 273 Witchcraft and Its Interpreters
RELG 356 Religious Thought of the Renaissance and Reformation

A final critical paper examining one or more works relevant to the major shall be completed in the junior or senior year preferably as the final project in ENGL 308/IDST 390 or in another appropriate upper-division English course with prior approval from the concentration coordinators.

Students also will be encouraged to consider enrolling in any number of the following courses (these courses will not, however, count toward the six courses in Medieval and Renaissance Studies required of English major concentrators):

ARTH 121 Survey I: Prehistory through the Middle Ages
ARTH 122 Survey II: Renaissance to the Present
CLSC 301 Greek Art and Archeology
CLSC 302 Roman Art and Archeology
ENGL 234 Shakespeare
FREN 431 Le Siècle Classique
GREK 301 Greek Epic
GREK 302 Greek Drama
HIST 110 Ideas and Institutions of Western Civilization I
HIST 223 The Roman Empire
PHIL 362 Philosophy of Religion
RELG 241 Introduction to Early Christian Era
RELG 243 The World of the New Testament
RELG 341 Paul and Christian Origins
RELG 342 Whores, Dragons, and the Anti-Christ:Revelation and the Apocalyptic Imagination