Richmond Home
Professor of English
Africana Studies Advisory Board Member
African American Literature and Culture
20th Century American Literature
Black Vernacular Tradition
Tyler and Alice Haynes Professor of American Studies
Interdisciplinary Program Coordinator, American Studies
Women in combat
American autobiography
Women and guns
American Communist Party (Earl Browder)
Civil rights in Richmond
Associate Professor of English
Post World War II American novels and films
Contemporary American literature and culture
Hollywood Film
Professor of English, Emerita
Director, Writing Center
Technology in the Classroom
Generative AI
Writing Centers
Writing Across the Curriculum
Professor of English
Children's and Young Adult Literature
Fairy Tales and Retellings
Victorian Fiction
Writing & Writing Pedagogy
Assessment of Student Learning
Learning from Student Feedback
Professor of English and Creative Writing
Creative Writing
Literary Translation
Contemporary Poetry
Literary Editing and Publishing
Professor of English, Emerita
Professor of English, Emeritus
Eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century British novel
Professor of English, Emerita
Southern Literature
Literature by Women
The Novel
Associate Professor of English
Associate Professor of English Emerita
History & Biography
Rhetoric & Composition
Associate Professor of English
18th-century and Romantic literature
Literature in relation to intellectual history and ethics
Literature and science
The novel
Arab-American literature and culture
Professor of English
Tucker-Boatwright Professor of Humanities
Twentieth-century British and Irish literature and culture
History of the novel
Associate Professor of English
Early-American Literature
U.S. Apocalyptic Literature
Race and slavery
American Humor
Philosophies of Humor
Associate Professor of English and Italian Studies
Coordinator, Italian Studies Program
Renaissance Studies
Comparative Literature (English, Italian, French)
Professor of English
16th- and Early 17th-Century English Literature and Culture
16th- and Early 17th-Century English Medical and Obstetric History
History and Theory of English Poetics
Associate Professor of English
Program Coordinator, Film Studies
Contemporary American Literature
Indigenous literature and film in North America
Professor of English and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Stephanie Bennett-Smith Chair of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Interdisciplinary Program Coordinator, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Postcolonial Studies
Critical Theory
Transnational Feminisms
Queer Theory
Environmental Humanities
Assistant Professor of English
Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Advisory Board Member
Director, Bridge to Success Program
Coordinator, Humanities in Arts & Sciences
Modern Narrative, primarily British and American
Literary Theory and Continental Philosophy
Affect Theory and Biopolitics
Social and Cultural Foundations of Education, Critical Pedagogy, Literacy Studies
Sexuality and Gender Studies
Professor of English
Chair, Department of English
Creative Writing
American Literature (19th Century to the present)
The Short Story
The Western
Canadian Literature
Administrative Coordinator, English