Study Abroad

Students in the English department or the Creative Writing Program benefit greatly from broadening their worldview with a study abroad experience. Students often find that spending time in another country, and even using another language, contributes new perspectives to their program of study in English or creative writing.

The University of Richmond was recently recognized as the “Hottest College for International Studies” and it’s no wonder. Nearly 60 percent of students study abroad. The Department of English recommends that students spend as much time as their schedule will allow in another country.

Steps in the Approval Process for Study Abroad Credit

  1. No matter whether you are studying abroad at one of the institutions below or another not on this list, students must email the chair of the English department, attaching either a course syllabus or including a lengthy description with details about the material to be covered and requirements, including examinations, presentations, and number and length of essays assigned. To fulfill the general education requirement for Literary Studies (FSLT), assessment must be based on at least two analytical essays of about 5-7 pages (excluding essay exams).
  2. The department chair reviews course requests via email and responds via email whether or not the course is approved.
  3. If the course is approved, students must:
    1. Attach the chair’s email to the study abroad course approval form, which can be obtained from the Office of International Education.
    2. Bring the form and email it to the Department of English and put it in the chair’s mailbox inside Humanities Building 307.
    3. After signing, the department chair will email you to pick up the transfer work approval form and submit it to the Office of International Education.
    4. Students seeking transfer credit for the major or minor in English or the minor in creative writing must earn at least a grade of C (2.0). All students must have a copy of the official transcript sent to the University of Richmond Registrar's Office.

Recommended Programs

The following lists of Literature and Creative Writing programs contain study abroad programs/exchanges with established Departments of English. Other programs may offer individual literature or creative writing courses for which you can receive credit. To explore these and other programs, including summer programs, internships, and semester programs in other locations, as well as information on financial aid, scholarships, and application procedures, visit the Office of International Education.